What Is LEAD?

The LEAD program aims to take communities confidently into the future by training public leaders to adopt a proactive approach in how they strive to change and improve their organizations. It consists of an intense one week course with involved community leaders and innovative government organizers focused on creating effective, high performance local governments around the world. 

Program Curriculum

We teach local government leaders to create efficient systems and envision brighter futures for their communities. 

Plan Your Visit

Weekends offer numerous recreational choices convenient to Charlottesville-whether. Find out more about what you can do.

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Join the LEAD Alumni

Join our esteemed alumni who have successfully completed our program and continued on to improve their communities.

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Looking for the Senior Executive Institute?

In addition to the LEAD program we also run a second program called the Senior Executive Institute. Many who take the LEAD class graduate to the Senior Executive Institute. SEI is a two week long course and greatly enhances anyone's abilities to effectively organize and motivate those around them. You can find out more on our companion website for the Senior Executive Institute.