Photo of Molly Harlow
Interim Assistant Director, Leadership Development

A native of Mechanicsville, Molly Harlow is the program coordinator for the SEI (Senior Executive Institute) programs and the VLGMA (Virginia Local Government Association) Conferences. Molly is also a team facilitator for the LEAD and SEI programs.

Molly has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia. She is currently earning her master’s degree with Capella University in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

In 2011, Molly earned the Hero award from VLGMA. In October, she will also complete UVA's Cornerstone program.

At LEAD and SEI, Molly most enjoys working with participants to build relationships and working on program design. In the future she aims to do more work in curriculum and program design, as well as collaborate more with other units at the Cooper Center.

Outside of work, she enjoys walking, running, fishing, and camping - just about anything outdoors! 

What does public service mean to you?

Public service means making a difference in the lives of ordinary citizens every day and in every imaginable way.